Define stress and strain.

Strength of Materials
Strength of Materials

👉Define stress and strain.

Stress –
When some external forces are applied to a body, it offers resistance to these forces. The magnitude of this resisting force is numerically equal to the applied forces. This internal resisting force per unit area is, called stress. Therefore, stress can be defined as the intensity of internal forces resisting change in the shape of the body. It is calculated by simply dividing the force acting on an area divided by the a: ea. It is measured in N/m2 or kg/ cmz. There are three types of stresses namely, tension, compression and shear.


Stress, c = P/A ‘ where, P = Force applied ‘A = Cross-sectional area.

Strain –
Strain is defined as the. deformation or change produced in the dimensions of a body due to the effect of stress on it. It is a ratio of the change in dimension to the original dimension.


Strain = l-l0 /l = dl / l

l = Original length
l0 = Final length
dl = Change in length

Strain is a dimensionless quantity. Depending upon the type of stress, It can be 0f three types, namely tensile, compressive and shearing strain.

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