Jabra Elite 45e Review

Jabra elite 45e
Jabra elite 45e

Jabra Elite 45e Review: by Wish4you

Here’s a review of Jabra’s new Bluetooth headphones priced at Rs 7,499.

Jabra launched its new Neckband style headset in India in the month of June. This is an upgraded version of the company’s old headset model Jabra Elite 25e. It has also been made with Neckband design. The company has kept the price of this headset at 7,499 rupees. We have used it for a long time and now we are reviewing it. Here we will tell you whether you should buy this Bluetooth headset.

Design and Build Quality:

The headset in the design and built area is extremely amazing. That is, the kind of plastic that has been used and quite a premium. Also, the wires that are used are also great. Being superb is meant only by both look and concert. Memory wires have been used exclusively in this, so that, even after folding it too much, they withdraw their shape.

The special thing is that it has been made of Neckband style, so that it can be easily used for calling. Talking about such an old model, there was a thick plastic body used in the noble, while a thin memory wire was used here. The earphones on both sides have been designed with special angles for better fitting in the ears. In addition, eartips will also be available to customers in different sizes.

Also, you can tell that the magnets are given in the back of both earphones, which can be sticking to both earphones if not used. They also do many functions as well. Talk about the buttons given in this headset, there are multi-button and volume buttons on one side of the microphone. Light Indicator is also present here. These are used for receiving, cutting, redialing, reverse-forwarding music tracks and doing volumes and more. Also, there is also a One touch button to activate Virtual Assistant.

Performance and sound:

This headset has been designed to provide better calling through Bluetooth. As far as connectivity does not go to Bluetooth connectivity here Talking about the sound quality during the call, that too is quite clear. In this case, two microphones have been used specifically for nuisance cancellation. Ie on the other end you are talking about so that your voice is quite listening even better in crowded areas and Achieve this feature the company has much better ways.

Also talk about the magnets present in it, as soon as you attach the magnets, the headset gets completely off. When you separate these magnets, it backs up to your device. But this function is a problem I understand. The first thing is because if you place this headset in the bag somewhere and you have not manually closed it, then without your knowledge it connects itself.

The second is that the old model Elite After attaching magnets 25e also is connected to the headset smartphone, it had been different if you like magnets on the call goes directly receive. But after separating the magnets here the headset takes time to connect to the device, which takes time to pick up the phone. That means you have to wait until the headset is connected. Generally, people pick up the phone directly after watching it.

Apart from this, the comparison of the old model to this model, despite all the good technology of calling, I found it a little unsuccessful. The first reason was the connectivity of the magnets. Now the second one was that a large plastic neckband body was given in the old model, which started to vibrate on its own when the call came. In such cases, the information about the call was made. Until you hear the ringtone of the phone or the headset is put on the ear, it is not known. In this case, you have to turn on the phone’s vibration or ringtone or see the phone again and again.

While the old model did not feel the need to touch the phone repeatedly. At the same time it is told Let me tell you the number of the caller when a call to the headset while his name much needed to be mentioned because remember the name of every person more difficult to remember all the numbers. Also coming in during the call from the headset does not know Waiting calls, therefore, you may be looking to talk for as long a you waiting to be necessarily a missed call.

Apart from all this, the most problem came in calling where if you speak a little bit while talking to a person, then the front can not hear the voice. Sometimes it also felt that even if the battery is low, the speaker gets a little less noise. In this case, Mike gets talked only about getting closer to the mouth or you have to speak loudly.


Now after this, if we talk about the audio quality of this headset, then you can not say that much better. Because a better audio output can be expected in the price at which it is being squeezed. It does not have to be loud about the biggest reduction of audio. I.e. with a better audio player also miss a little loudness.

However, despite increasing the voice completely, you will not get Joyce in any way, which is a positive point. Apart from its base quality.

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