Smartphone with Samsung’s Turning Screen Launched This Year

Samsung Galaxy X SM-G888N0
Samsung Galaxy X SM-G888N0

Smartphone with Samsung’s Turning Screen Launched This Year :By Wish4you

Samsung Galaxy X SM-G888N0 will come with the model number and internally it is being called ‘Project Valley’. However, no information has been revealed yet when the company will launch it, but confirmation of this device can be done at this time.

South Korean smartphone maker Samsung is set to launch Fellable smartphone this year. For almost a year, the report was coming out that Samsung is working on a smartphone with foldable display. There were also many leaked reports. Recently a new report revealed that Samsung is preparing to sell its foldable display technology Oppo or Vieu.

According to a report by CNBC, Samsung CEO DJ Koh has pointed to the fact that the company can present it during the Samsung Developer Conference in November this year. It is not clear though that during this time it will be launched as a concept or its sale will be started.

It is worth noting that Samsung is already making devices with curved and turning olead displays. After this the news came that the company is also testing dual-screen smartphones, but there is no such thing in the market. The company’s CEO has said that this device will have such features which will shock customers. This also shows that the dream of a fashionable display smartphone is now going to come true.

In 2014, Samsung released a concept video that was similar to an advertisement for a potentially phableable phone. The display in this video was showing a display and its size was like a tablet i.e. the smartphone with a foldable display would have a big display, which would be able to make a small size.

It is being speculated that this smartphone can be launched at any time in 2018. Earlier, the Associated Press quoted a senior Samsung official as saying that in 2018, Samsung will launch a smartphone with a foldable screen.

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