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vivo x21

Vivo X21 Review by wish4you

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo has launched a smartphone X21 with the first under-display fingerprint scanner in India. Vivo is such a company that has brought these display fingerprint scanners in the market for the first time. Before the reports were coming, Apple could give this technology in its iPhone X, but it did not happen.

The price of Vivo X21 is 35,990 rupees.

We will read you in this review
How Vivo X21 is Different From Other Smartphones

– How smart it is to the company’s claims in terms of performance.

– How does Vivo’s smartphones perform in terms of photography?

– How is the display, design and build quality in front of these smartphones and their competitors?
Can the Under Display Fingerprint Scanner Trend Set?

– In addition to these, you will also be able to get this review about the battery performance and app user interface.

Design and build quality

The build quality of this smartphone is great. If you have seen Vivo V9 you will be able to relate it to that smartphone in the design. However, this time the company has worked on the rear panel and made it more premium than ever before. It is easy to hold and it also comes in good taste.

This phone is slim and has black aluminum frame used in it. The smartphone has a back glass and it has a back key from the back, so it is easy to hold it. Volume on the right has rocker keys and lock buttons, while no button is found on the left. Sim and next to the right USB jack in the memory card tray bottom. On the rear panel you get a dual vertical camera setup under which there is a SED flash.

There is a shortage of USB Type C because it has got USB 2.0. Next is the speaker grill. Talking about the front, you get 90 percent of the display here and the top is given in the noc, which has a sensor which unlocks by looking at you in the dark. Headphone jack has been given in the top of the phone.

Overall, this smartphone has build quality and design premiums.

The display
The Vivo X21 features full HD Plus display which looks great. The company has used Amolade Panel. The display looks colorful and bright, the bezel is kept at least, not the least. You can also view and read the contents of the screen in Direct Sunlight. The display also has a Nokia like X, where the company has installed the sensor, which is for Face Unlock. Here is a selfie camera and flash too. The display size is 6.28 inches and the aspect ratio is 19: 9.

This time, the company has also given an olive-on display that you can customize according to your own. You can see notifications and time in the Always On Display. Due to the better the display, it looks good. The best part is that the fingerprint icon appears on the bottom side of the display, which is just like the Always On. You have to unlock the phone by keeping your finger here. Here you also find three interesting animations that are great at seeing.

The performance
Now let’s talk about how this smartphone performs in real life. In the Vivo X21, the company has given Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. It has a variant in India which has 128GB internal walm with 6GB RAM. Although the processor is not a flagship, but we do not feel worried about everyday use. One thing is that the OnePlus 6 of this budget has a Snapdragon 845 processor which is a flagship.

Vivo X21 does not lag and it’s easy to switch from one app to another. The loading time is low and the phone is also good for multi-tasking. Despite having a mid-range chipset, this smartphone performs well. For this, the included RAM and internal memory are also responsible.

We have played many light and heavy games on this smartphone, but have not got any lag notice. However after playing Asphalt 8 a little bit the phone is hot. Together with dozens of apps in background, social media and browsing have also been done and no lag was found in it.

Because of the 128GB internal memory you can keep apps and files, as long as the user gets enough memory. With Micro SD card you can also increase the memory.

After about 10 days of usage, we can say that if Snapdragon is not 845 in it, end users will not notice any difference. Yes, if you are a powerful user, you are a heavy user, then you will understand the difference.

Display fingerprint scanner
Since this technology is new, we have also reviewed it. In common standard smartphones, there is a fingerprint scanner on either the front or the back panel, but this device has a fingerprint scanner on the display itself. In the bottom of the display, you will see an icon that can be pressed and pressed.

It takes a little time to register fingerprint. More than one finger can scan. To unlock you have to hold and hold the finger correctly. Animation will appear as soon as a few seconds hold and the phone will be unlocked. We have to take some attempts to unlock it many times, that is, it is not open at one time, but it is unlocked most of the time. It is a good thing if the company fixes it with software updates or it can be a problem for many users.

user interface
This smartphone runs on the company’s own skin based on the Android 8.1 Oreo. This smartphone has also been given gesture support just like the iPhone X and interestingly, this work also works great. I think now after the Nokia, gradually the Android smartphone companies will shift towards gestures because gestures are easy to use. User Interface is similar to the company’s second high end smartphone.


Vivo X21 has a dual-rear camera and single selfie camera. The camera setup is vertical and the primary camera is 12 megapixels, with a f / 1.8 aperture. The second camera is of 5 megapixels, its aperture is f / 2.4. For the selfie, a 12 megapixel camera has been given, which is f / 2.0 aperture.

Talk about the camera interface, you get a lot of options here. These are Portrait Mode, Live Photoded, HDR, Flash and Settings Icons. There are features like Face Beauty, Video in Bottom. Selfie can be improved through Face Beauty. Selfie can also be clicked on portrait mode. There are also AR stickers who work fine.

If you are not a professional photographer, then all the photos you click on this smartphone will look great. If you look at the photos on the computer then details will be displayed, even if zoom, the quality is not bad. It can be called a specialty. Bokeh Effect i.e. background blurred with pictures clicked, but better, that means, for pictures of digital, you have to turn off portrait mode.

HDR mode is great and HDR works well in even the confused photographs. In low light the camera does not perform as well, grains and noise will be found more.

Overall, this smartphone’s camera department is good and it caters on the company’s claims.

Vivo X21 has a battery of 3,200mAh and it supports fast charging, which the company calls the dual engine fast charging. Actually this is Qualcomm Quick Charge. Full charge runs its battery throughout the day in mixed use. Although heavy usage is also done, you will get backup for up to 10 hours. Heavy usage i.e. browsing, watching videos, gaming and using social media

Should you buy this smartphone?
There are some other smartphones in this segment that give it a hit, one of them is OnePlus 6 which has recently been launched in India. The specification and camera of OnePlus 6 are much better and because of this they are heavier. But if you need a step ahead of the fingerprint scanner inside the technology display, in addition to the market you have no other option. If you are a fan of Vivo then you can not miss it. In addition to the under-display fingerprint scanner, this smartphone is also excellent.

Ratings up to – 8/10.

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