What do you understand by simple and complex stresses.

Strength of Materials
Strength of Materials

👉What do you understand by simple and complex stresses

Simple stresses or direct stresses are those stresses which are developed under direct loading conditions. These include tensile compressive and shear stresses. Tensile and compressive stresses are developed, when applied load acts along the axis of the member. Simple shear stress occurs when two equal, parallel and opposite forces tend to cause a surface to slide relative to the adjacent surface. In such cases, magnitude of the stress can be obtained by dividing the load applied to the cross-section area on which ldad is acting,


row = P / A

In tension and compression, the area which resists the load is perpendicular to the direction of application of load, while in shear it is parallel to the direction of applied load.
In certain loading situations, the stresses develope are not simple stresses. Here member subjected to a transversal load which will cause the member to bend. In this case all three types of stresses. Viz tension, compression and shear will develop, but they will not be simple stresses‘ because they were not caused by direct loading. Such type of stresses are known as complex or indirect stresses.

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